Narthex Christ

This gathering place is a fine example of Byzantine style art and architecture. The lower wall is buff marble to symbolize earth. The mosaic panels above are paved with a series of scenes about the life of Saint Louis IX, King of France (1214-1270), patron saint of the city. The barrel vaulted ceiling  is covered by a swirling  green vine symbolic of Christ, who is also portrayed in the central mosaic as “Teacher” or “Pantocrator”.

Becoming Catholic

Supporting the Cathedral Basilica

The weekly collection remains absolutely essential to our parish operations. Even though we will not gather physically for Mass, please continue to give via Our Sunday Visitor or by bringing or mailing your contribution to the Parish Office. Please use the donate button to make Offertory gifts to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. Thank you for your generosity.

Safe Environment

The Cathedral Basilica follows the Archdiocese of St. Louis’ Safe Environment Program. The program is designed to help protect the youth, elderly, and vulnerable adults of our parish

Jubilee Prayer Garden

Prayer Garden

Be A Part of the History of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis as a contributor to the Jubilee Prayer Garden Brick Program

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