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The Marriage Rite is a Sacrament of the Church, a solemn exchange of vows between a bride and a groom, and an act of worship on the part of all those present to offer thanks and praise for God’s blessings on the couple’s life together as husband and wife.  All of the music before, during and after the wedding liturgy reflects the Christian meaning of the Rite.  Therefore, all music must be taken from the treasury of sacred repertoire.

Sacred music is sung prayer; put simply, music that has been created in petition or thanks to God. It is important to present sacred music for your Wedding Liturgy, while reserving favorite cultural and/or popular music for your reception.

For your wedding at the Cathedral Basilica, one of the Cathedral Staff Organists will play. The fee for the organist is $275.00, which includes a planning meeting and the ceremony itself.  A parish cantor will be present to sing the sung parts of the Mass or Ceremony.   The cantor may also, if you desire, serve as your wedding soloist. While the cantor fee is included in the stipend given to the Cathedral, the organist’s fee is not.

While only Cathedral Staff Organists will play for your wedding, the use of an outside singer, while not encouraged, is permitted. The singer should be a professional singer who is trained in sacred literature and has an academic degree in voice.  The Cathedral is an immense space and requires a highly trained singer, not just a friend or a relative with a “nice voice.”  Any singer from the outside will perform from behind the high altar, next to the organist.

Additional musicians can be contracted through the Music Department if desired.  Most popular are trumpet, violin, flute, or harp. Prices vary greatly and should be requested through the Music Director. Additional singers or a small choir can be engaged as well. For further information you may contact the Music Director.

Outside soloists and instrumentalists are allowed to perform under the following conditions:

  1. Musical selections are to be made or approved by the Director of Music.
  2. There is a fee for additional meetings and rehearsals with outside musicians in addition to the regular fee for the organist.
  3. Any vocalists and instrumentalists should be experienced, professional musicians. A CD or mp3 may be requested by the Music Director.

All music fees (organist, cantor, instrumentalists, choir and extra rehearsal time) must be paid by or any time prior to your wedding rehearsal.

The Director of Music at the Cathedral Basilica is Dr. Horst Buchholz. He may be reached by calling the Cathedral Music Office at (314) 373-8227.

Congratulations! We are pleased to be participating in the joyful event of your marriage.

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