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  • 83,000 square feet of mosaic tile
  • 46,410 square feet of granite floor
  • 2 stained glass Rose windows
  • 6 marble statues
  • 63 marble pillars
  • 4 chapels
  • 3 domes…

Help preserve a masterpiece…

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is a masterpiece of art and history.  It rivals the grandest Cathedrals in the world.  Artisans, craftsmen, stonecutters, and masons spent almost a century creating this incomparable church.  The Cathedral is unparalleled triumph and we must safeguard its legacy for the future.

The Friends of the Cathedral Basilica is a group of people dedicated to preserving this work of art for centuries.  This mission of the Friends of the Cathedral Basilica is to provide the needed funds to maintain and preserve the Cathedral.

Please consider joining the Friends of the Cathedral Basilica.  Your dollars are crucial to preserving this architectural, historical, and religious treasure. The benefit of being a “Friend” is the JOY in knowing that you have had a special part in restoring this Cathedral Basilica.

Join the Friends of the Cathedral Basilica

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